Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl joined Absolute Radio Hometime hosts Bush and Richie on the show where they discussed being mistaken for a magician and his kids growing up on the road. See below for some key quotes from the chat.

On going to his daughters ‘Bring your Dad to school day’ “When my daughter was maybe like, five-years-old, she was in pre-school and they had this bring your dad to school day... So I grabbed a couple of Grammys, I got a bunch of laminates. I got some drumsticks and I thought, okay. I'm sitting in like a rocking chair in front of all these little kids. And I'm like, "Okay. Hi. I'm Violet's dad. My name's Dave. And I'm a musician. And I passed the Grammy around they're like, "Oh, wow." I'm like, "I play the drums" and I hand the sticks. I hand 'em the lanyards. I'm like, "These are backstage passes… So, later on that night one of my friends, whose daughter is also in the class, told her parents, "Violet's daddy came to school today and explained and what he does." And my friend said, "What does Violet's daddy do for a living?" And the kid said, "He's a magician."

On his kids growing up on the road “My kids, they've grown up on the road with me… they know the road crew are a bunch of pirates. They know that the backstage rider is full of stuff that like, ‘we'll never touch’, you know? When they stand on the side of the stage and 100,000 people sing along to a song, like they know that that's special. But everything else it's like, "All right, you're going to work. All right. Well, do me a favour on the way home, will you pick up some chocolate bars...”