Mariah Carey's estranged sister is suing the star for comments the singer has made about her.

Alison Carey claims she has suffered emotional distress from allegations Mariah made about her in her 2020 book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, and she wants at least $1.25 million (£910,000) in compensation.

According to her suit, obtained by TMZ, Mariah's memoir alleges Alison "gave her Valium, tried to pimp her out and threw a cup of boiling hot tea on her causing third-degree burns" when Mariah was 12.

Alison disputes the claims and insists her sister hasn't provided any evidence to support them.

She also points the finger at the 50-year-old superstar for making the allegations despite knowing she suffers from trauma from the alleged abuse she suffered as a child, at the hands of their mother.

Alison says her mum subjected her to satanic rituals and sexual activity at a young age - claims she previously made when she sued the sisters' mother for sexual abuse last year.

Speaking on Oprah Winfrey's Apple TV+ series The Oprah Conversation in September, Mariah said of her relationship with her older sibling: "We don’t even really know each other… we didn’t grow up together, but we did. Like, they were on their journeys, by the time I got into the world, they had already been damaged, in my opinion. But again, I wasn’t there.

"I was dropped into this world and I literally felt like an outsider amongst my own family. They just grew up with the experience of living with a Black father and a white mother together as a family and I was for the most part living with my mother, which they saw as easier, but in reality it was not. They have always thought that my life was easy.”