Country star Kelsea Ballerini is still trying to be Miranda Lambert's friend after her first attempt to become pals ended in a bloody mess.

The young singer and songwriter is a massive fan of the Over You icon and was thrilled about getting the chance to meet her in person last year, amid the coronavirus crisis, at the Country Music Awards.

"I do not know Miranda Lambert very well... so I still get really nervous around her, because I just want to be her friend," the Unapologetically hitmaker told The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Recounting an embarrassing moment when she found herself talking to her idol and her manager while drinking from "those really expensive wine glasses that are like, paper thin", Ballerini explained: "it (the glass) shattered in my mouth, cut my lip, and I had to, like, spit out bloody glass and run to the bathroom in front of her (Miranda)."

She cringed: "I think everyone was like, 'Did she just eat glass? Is that a thing she does...?'"

The artist then rushed to the bathroom to stop her lip bleeding.

"I was like, 'Well I can't leave now or they'll think I'm really weird and I care way too much what people think of me'. So I had to go back to the party, hold my lip so it stops bleeding, and try to act normal around Miranda Lambert," she recalled.

And worst of all, she still feels as if she hasn't met her idol properly.

"We still don't know each other," she laughed.