FKA Twigs has revealed more about her allegedly abusive relationship with Shia LaBeouf, claiming she was banned from making eye contact with any other men.

The English musician, real name Tahliah Barnett, filed suit in Los Angeles in December, accusing LaBeouf of physically and emotionally abusing her during their months-long romance, which began in late 2018.

She spoke to Louis Theroux for his podcast back in September, but asked to reconnect with the presenter a few weeks ago, as she felt she hadn't been truthful about what she was going through.

In the second part of the interview, Twigs opened up further about her romance with LaBeouf, and what conditions he put on their relationship.

"I was told that I knew what he was like, and if I loved him, I wouldn’t look men in the eye," she explained. "So that was my reality for a good four months towards the end of the relationship - that I wasn’t allowed to look men in the eye.

"So then I’m looking down all the time, and that does a lot to someone’s confidence. When you’re worried about someone being nice to you in a shop. Just any sort of day to day pleasant interaction could result in a three-day event of me being berated and kept awake."

Admitting that his behaviour led to her "really isolating" herself, 33-year-old Twigs added that another way he would be abusive was to keep tallies on how many times she had kissed or touched him during the day - and then punishing her if she hadn't met her quota.

She said LaBeouf would "start an argument" with her, to make her feel like "the worst person ever".

"He would wake me up in the night to accuse me of all sorts of things, accuse me of staring at the ceiling and thinking about ways to leave him, accuse me of masturbating, accuse me of not wanting to be with him, of wanting to be with someone else, but it would be always between four and seven in the morning,” she recalled.

"For me I’ve been trying not to wake up between three and seven in a panic attack. And I am there now, just. But for a long time, anything that woke me up in the night, even if it was just my dog or a noise outside, or just needing to go to the bathroom, it could trigger a really intense panic attack, because I was left with PTSD from that."

Eventually, it was calling a free helpline for abused women that made Twigs realise she needed to get out of the relationship.