Alan McGee has backed Liam Gallagher to sell out Knebworth on his own because he’s "almost as big as Oasis" now.

So far, Liam’s pleas to estranged brother Noel to make up and get the 'Supersonic' band back together have fallen on deaf ears, so the rock ‘n’ roll star has vowed to recreate Oasis’ legendary two concerts at the venue in 1996, at which they played to 125,000 fans each night, on his own.

And McGee – who signed the siblings to Creation Records and set them on the path to superstardom – has backed Liam to achieve it because his career is just as big as it’s ever been thanks to his two hit solo albums, 'As You Were' and 'Why Me? Why Not'.

When asked if Liam could pull off a mammoth concert at Knebworth, McGee said: “Liam can do it, it’s only 125,000 people. I would say he’s almost as big as Oasis, he’s massive Liam at this point.

“Day one of me meeting him he thought he was great, and he is a great singer. He’s one of the best ones I’ve ever worked with.”

Oasis split in 2009 following a huge backstage bust-up between the brothers and they have barely spoken since.
McGee remains hopeful that one day they could reunite due to their family bond.

Speaking on 'Phil Taggart's Slacker Podcast', he said: “They’re brothers, so you never know, maybe one day they’ll make up. I hope they do.”

McGee, 60, is still in regular contact with Noel, 53, but admits he hasn’t spoken to Liam, 48, for years.

He said: “I’m pretty tight with Noel, I speak to Noel quite a lot. I sent him a link to a Johnny Rotten film the other night. I get on alright with him. I haven’t seen Liam for years.

“Liam threatened to batter me recently, I don’t really know what happened I didn’t speak to him. Then a day later he said he loved me, so f**k knows what happened with that one.”