The 'ATM' rapper is poised to start work on her first full-length collection, which she has hailed "a true embodiment of everything" she is.

And Bree - whose real name is Brenda Wireko Mensah - admitted she hasn't fully shown off her proper singing skills yet because she's a "rebel".

She told "I’m going to start working on the debut album. I already have a concept for it. I want it to be a true embodiment of everything I am, which is everything. I haven’t really started singing on music yet, but I can sing. That’s the rebel in me being like, just because I have a nice voice doesn’t mean I have to be a singer. But, I’m gonna sing more on the album."

Elsewhere, the 'GUCCI’ star admitted she was initially scared of fame because she had been bullied at school, but since gaining a large following, Bree has gotten used to being in the spotlight.

She said: "I feel good. I was only afraid of being more famous because I was afraid of being seen. I thought people were gonna say the things about me they said in school. It’s definitely about silencing the inner child that has been hurt and bullied and just assuring her that we’re all good – like, it’s not the same anymore, babe. We got this. And it’s been great. People receive it. They love it. They actually love me for me. So it’s just like, what were them h*** talking about again?”

The MOBO-nominated artist released her major-label debut EP ‘Be Runway’ in 2019, while she’s released tracks featuring the likes of Missy Elliott and Brooke Candy.