Gary Barlow has written a screen show, films and TV series during the Covid-19 lockdown.

While the pandemic has led to thousands of live gigs being cancelled, the Take That frontman has used his time at home wisely, and has ended up being incredibly productive.

Speaking to U.S. radio station Sirius XM ahead of his 50th birthday on Wednesday, Gary admitted to penning more than a few things behind closed doors - but remained coy about the nature of the projects, only revealing they're a "a screen show, films and TV series".

He added: "The spirit of the people I know, my audience, of course there are some horrible things happening, look through that and you will see creativity and people doing amazing things. That is the light there."

However, Gary struggles to see how quiet London's West End is since all the theatres are currently closed due to the pandemic.

“I walked through middle of West End and I was the only person there. It is just not right," he sighed. "I am sad for all entertainers. The one thing I know about artists is that they just want to make people happy. The fact they cannot do that at the moment is the biggest crime."