Michelle Williams has branded a social media follower an "idiot" after they told her she "needs some children".

The former Destiny's Child singer has hit out at a follower who suggested she needed to have kids to cure her boredom.

In response to an Instagram post promoting her new book Checking In, a follower wrote: "Michelle I love you but you need some children... u r 2 bored (sic)."

However, Michelle wasted no time in firing back.

She said: "You're an idiot!!!!! (sic)"

The follower responded by writing: "Woooooooow that was uncalled for thank you (sic)."

But 41-year-old Michelle refused to ignore the comment and explained why she responded as she did.

The singer - who split from Pastor Chad Johnson in December 2018 - wrote: "No, what's uncalled for is you telling a woman that she needs to have children."

She fumed: What if that woman CAN'T have children?? What if that woman DOESN'T WANT children. WATCH YOUR MOUTH AND FINGERS."

Michelle then warned: "Don't you ever let that come out of your mouth or your fingers on a comment section again to ANYBODY," adding: "I would have ignored but too many people need tp stay out of a woman's uterus!!!! Now scram and be blessed!!!! (sic)."