You Me At Six's Josh Franceschi has struggled with the 'extreme highs and lows' of being on and off the stage.

The 'Room to Breathe' singer has been on the road since he was a teenager and admitted "no one prepares you" for the stark transition from the overwhelming adrenaline rush you get after playing a gig to the come down that follows when you get home.

Josh said: "Imagine having the high of playing the festival sunset slot on the stage and Reading on the Friday, and Saturday at Leeds, at 21 and being home at your parents' house watching 'Match Of The Day' in your pants on the Sunday.

"The extreme highs and lows - no one prepares you for that.

"From the age of 17 I've been trying to handle those highs and not get carried away by the lows and not lose myself.
"It's a balancing act.

"The band has acted as a vehicle to navigate me through the good and the bad times."

You Me At Six - who released their seventh studio album, ‘SUCKAPUNCH’, last week - have launched a series of workshops supported by mental health charities CALM and YoungMinds this Blue Monday (18.01.21) - which is dubbed the most depressing day of the year - to give fans an escape amid the coronavirus pandemic.

YOUMonday involves the rock band - which is completed by Max Helyer, Matt Barnes, Chris Miller and Dan Flint - cooking and exercising to beat the January blues.

Josh is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: "Now, to have this conversation openly, transparently, full of support and warmth, is a really important thing, especially with what we are going through.
"Now is not the time to close the door on those conversations.

"We're going to let people in a little, let people know what we do. Just stuff we use to unwind and we use as a vehicle of escapism through the doom and gloom of January."