Bonnie Tyler has finally learned to swim after being left terrified following a horror fall from a yacht.

The Total Eclipse of the Heart hitmaker told the Daily Mirror newspaper that, after her husband Robert Sullivan saved her from drowning more than a decade ago, she was compelled to confront her fear of the water.

“I’ve just learnt to swim in our infinity pool. What a grand age to learn," the 69-year-old singer shared.

Recalling the incident, Bonnie explained: “Robert was coming into the marina with my nephews on the back of a jetski and I went to the back of the boat to help. It was really wet and I slipped off."

“Robert pulled me out. The kids were terrified," added the Holding Out for a Hero singer.

“Next day he had me in the pool, trying to teach me to swim, but it didn’t click until after lockdown," she went on, noting she now swims "40 widths a day" but is still "frightened to go in at the deep end".

Asked why she didn’t learn to swim as a child, Bonnie detailed: "My mother took me to the swimming baths and everything, but I had two terrible frights in the water."

She continued: "Once down at Oxwich Bay when I was about 10, I fell off an air bed and was screaming and my cousin saved me by pulling me out by my (hair) plaids."

Bonnie confessed: "I lost my nerve, and when I was in the swimming pool I just couldn’t let go of the float. Every time they tried to take the float off me, I went crazy. So I learnt to swim very late. It’s never too late!"