Kanye West and his executives at fashion brand Yeezy are taking legal action against an intern who reportedly violated their non-disclosure agreement by posting confidential images on Instagram.

Ryan Inwards took on a non-paying assignment for the rapper's clothing and shoe label after allegedly signing a contract which warned of a $500,000 (£366,000) penalty should he be caught sharing pictures on social media without permission.

And on Friday, legal representatives for the Gold Digger hitmaker accused him of doing precisely that, filing suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court to collect the sum named in their liquidated damages provision as a penalty for the infraction.

The papers reference images Inwards is accused of uploading on Instagram and suggest he has still not removed them, even though they claim to have sent multiple cease and desist letters asking him to wipe them from his page.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, an Instagram account in Ryan's name currently has no Yeezy-related images at all attached to it.

The lawyers are also demanding an additional, unnamed sum in punitive damages, suggesting the man was acting maliciously, and have asked that an injunction be granted, forcing Inwards to hand over the photos and barring him from sharing them again in the future.

It's unclear what the pictures in question featured.