The 23-year-old singer finds it interesting that she and her collaborators produce a “snapshot of [their] moment together” when she pens songs with someone else, and wouldn’t feel comfortable working with someone she doesn’t know.

Asked if she’s open to co-writing or writing for other artists, she said: “Hmm, well people have to be pretty close to me to write a song/lyrics I can use, whenever I write with people it just comes out as a collage of both our music instead of for one or the other.. I’ve no idea why it’s like a snapshot of our moment together.”

However, she would make an exception for ‘Edge of Seventeen’ hitmaker Stevie Nicks.

She added in an interview with BANG Showbiz: “ If I had to pen a song for someone it might be Stevie Nicks, her song ‘Storms’ inspired a song of mine on the new record.”

Jade previously toured with Hozier and hopes they will get to spend time together again soon because he was the “nicest artist” she’s ever met.

Asked if they plan to collaborate, she said: “I don’t think so, we had a plan to sing his song together on stage and then a storm hit LA (the last show) but I’m sure our paths will cross again, he’s genuinely the nicest artist I’ve met. Such a sweet person.”

Jade recently admitted she’s worried about the future of the live music industry in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
She said: "Art and culture is the UK. But in a serious way, if I can’t play live in the UK or if I can’t record anything in the UK right now, I’m gonna have to go somewhere I can.

"I’m sure there are a lot of people who are in that position, but not everyone can afford to go and record somewhere else."