Petula Clark is upset her 1964 hit Downtown was chosen as the countdown anthem to the Nashville explosion on Christmas Day.

Anthony Quinn Warner, the alleged bomber who died in the Tennessee blast, hooked up explosives to a recreational vehicle and warned passers-by of the explosion while blasting out Clark's song, written by Tony Hatch.

The Second Avenue blast left three people injured and damaged more than 40 businesses.

Now English singer Petula has broken her silence after her song became the soundtrack of doom.

"I love Nashville and its people," she said in a statement published on Facebook, adding: "Why this violent act - leaving behind it such devastation?"

"I was told that the music in the background of that strange announcement - was me - singing Downtown! Of all the thousands of songs - why this one?" she pondered.

Citing the tune's lyrics, Petula added: "When you’re alone and life is making you lonely/you can always go downtown. Perhaps you can read something else into these words, depending on your state of mind."

She concluded her message by stating: "I would like to wrap my arms around Nashville. Give you all a hug."

Police officials are still searching for a motive.

Quinn Warner's remains were found in the wreckage of the RV.