Rita Ora delighted her friends during a recent Christmas - by buying them pocket watches just like the ones featured in TV hit Peaky Blinders.

“I'm pretty good at hearing what people say just in conversation and remembering those things,” Rita told Pop Sugar.

Recalling: “One year, I was really into Peaky Blinders and got obsessed with the styling," the pop star explained: "I got all my family these personalised pocket watches with messages on the back and everyone loved them."

She added: "I thought that that was a pretty cool present.”

As for her own presents, the R.I.P. singer said gifts that are personal to her are her favourite things to receive at Christmas.

“For me, Christmas has always been about sentimental moments, and my friends are really good at making me cry with their presents,” she shared.

“A few years ago, I got given a book of me and my best friend Anda. I've known her since I was one, and for Christmas she made me a book of all of our pictures, and it was so touching," Rita went on.

"It's now something I keep on my coffee table, and despite all the expensive fashion books I've got, that one really stands out. I feel like it's those things for me that really matter,” she reflected.