Halsey has requested a permanent protective order against a man she claims has made her life a misery.
The singer has offered to testify against her alleged stalker if that's what needs to be done to make sure he stays away from her.

In a new legal declaration, obtained by The Blast, she claims the superfan's repeated and continuous attempts to harass her at her home are alarming and distressing, and she wants to make sure he stays away from her after he is released from federal custody on assault charges.

He was previously convicted and sentenced to jail for stalking, and Halsey feels she needs longtime protection, revealing there's a notebook he left for her containing disturbing statements about her or directed towards her, some of which include threats of violence.

In one note, he allegedly wrote: "I'll kill everyone in THIS CITY for you. Do you understand?"

In October, a Los Angeles judge granted the 26-year-old singer a temporary restraining order against her alleged stalker, who was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Halsey, her home and "any venue she is performing or rehearsing at".

She claims the alleged stalker believes he has a relationship with her.

A hearing to determine whether or not Halsey will be granted a permanent restraining order against him is scheduled for next week.