Zayn Malik has been transformed into an animated version of himself for the latest Harry Potter mobile game.

The former One Direction singer, well known as a huge fan of the boy wizard franchise, has teamed up with game developers at Zynga to create his own holiday avatar for interactive adventure game Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.

Zayn was also invited to help come up with special customisable features for the new Christmas in Wizarding World segment, in which his animation appears dressed in the Hogwarts school uniform.

"I really enjoyed working with the Zynga team coming up with new elements to the avatar creator," the Brit shared in a statement to Billboard.

"I feel like seeing the animated version of myself in the game made it way more fun," he went on.

"And with these new customisations that are coming soon, all players will have the opportunity to feel more connected to the game and make their character look more like themselves!" he added.

The avatar elements Zayn collaborated on are expected to be released in-game in early 2021.

Meanwhile, the pop star and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid are celebrating the festive season with their new baby daughter, who was born in September. The couple has yet to publicly reveal their child's name.