The 'Shotgun' hitmaker - who is currently working on new music following the release of his second album 'Staying at Tamara's' in 2018 - admitted he is living his "dream".

Speaking to Ollie MN on their 'Phone A Friend' podcast, he said: "I feel like one of the luckiest people alive.

"Even last week I was recording some vocals. Then I thought to myself, ‘F****** hell George. You’re doing it, this is your dream.' "

And while the 27-year-old singer is keen for his fans to hear his new tunes, he also can't wait for the return of live crowds after a long period with no audiences at gigs during the pandemic.

He added: “I really love what I’m recording and I can’t wait to rock out with my friends far and wide when the time comes.”

Meanwhile, the 'Paradise' star recently admitted he doesn't see himself releasing an album in 2021.

The BRIT Award-winner admitted it's "difficult" to consider putting out a new record if touring doesn't return next year.

He said: “If I were to release an album next year, would there be touring? I don’t know.

“And can you release an album next year, then wait a year to tour it? It’s difficult to picture it.”

However, that's not to say he hasn't been working hard on a new record, following the success of 'Staying at Tamara's' and his 2014 debut 'Wanted on Voyage'.

He added: “Last week I was able to be in the studio with a few people, including two musicians I love to pieces – they’re f****** brilliant musicians.

“There was a handful of songs and we were like, ‘Let’s start to piece them together to see what an album could sound like.’ ”