The Hives are planning to tour the world without leaving their native Sweden.

The band, led by Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, has lined up a virtual trek by performing Livestream shows that sync with international time zones.

As a result, fans in the U.S., Australia, and Brazil will be able to watch concerts live while Pelle and the boys play through the night.

The six unique shows, dubbed the World's First World Wide Web World Tour, will take place during the evening hours of each city chosen as the virtual host, beginning with Berlin, Germany on 21 January.

The Hives will take telephone calls during the shows and allow virtual concertgoers to vote on the setlists.

"We will use crowd noise recorded in the very same city we are playing for," the group said in a statement.

"The New York show will have real New Yorkians cheering and screaming in the background. The Sydney show will have actual Sydneyans, and Berlin bang-on bonafide Berlinus berlinus, and so forth (sic)," they explained.

"No one has ever done it like this before. It's a historical first and we hope many artists follow," The Hives triumphed.
All the shows will be available on the group's website.