Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe and Antony Costa are keen to reunite for the band's 20th anniversary next year, and they're eager to get plans in motion as soon as the coronavirus crisis eases.

Duncan, 42, told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I’d like to think we’ll reform again.

"We were wanting to do something for our 20th anniversary but at the moment lockdown has meant it’s been difficult to get together. It’s not been easy.

"There could be something in the pipeline as we’re really good mates."

The members of the band have all explored solo projects since first finding fame. But they're now keen to mark the group's anniversary in 2021.

A source explained: "While they’ve gone off and done individual things, Blue will always have a special place in all of the hearts of the members of the band.

"They feel really proud that they have stood the test of time and many of their songs are still played on the radio now. Getting to a huge milestone like their 20th anniversary is not something that they could allow to pass by without celebration.

"They are really proud of what they have achieved."

Blue are looking to create an "extravaganza" when they reunite next year.

The insider added: "Fans will have to wait and see whether they will release new music or not but with such a hit-packed back catalogue in their locker it’s not something the band are feeling pressured about making a decision on yet.

"They know they have a loyal fanbase who they love to entertain so it’s safe to say it’s going to be a Blue extravaganza in 2021."