Boy George joined Richard Allinson on Magic Radio yesterday to talk about his exclusive one-off live gig with Culture Club.

On recording the single - “It was an interesting day in a sense of how much ego was contained in that space. You know some studios and just how nobody was special. Because nobody was special… everyone was famous, so no one was getting cups of tea or being given special treatment. It was appalling really!”

On flying back from New York to be part of Band Aid “I was in New York… I was in a hotel and Bob Geldof rang me, woke me up at 3 o’clock in the morning, ranting. I didn’t know Bob but I knew who Bob was obviously, and he was just telling me that he’s got this event and it’s going to be massive and everyone’s getting on board and you have to be part of this otherwise you’re going to regret it for the rest of your existence and it’s really important, Africa and talking about all of that stuff”.

“To be honest with you I was kind of half asleep. I could tell from the passion in his voice that I should come back, I felt drawn back to London just by that sort of tone in his voice and he was very passionate about it. That was always the thing that held it together, I think, it was his almost kind of belligerent concentration.”

On pop rivalry back in the 80s “We were very catty in the 80’s, we didn’t hold back you know. We all bitched about each other and we were encouraged to do it. And then of course we would meet and be like “Whoops I think Simon Le Bon is gonna boff me!” You know so there’s always someone that you’d upset and said something about their record.”

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