Jessie James Decker faced criticism on Wednesday as she shared a naked snap of herself, with only some bathtime bubbles protecting her modesty.

The country singer took to Instagram to post the flirty image taken by her sportsman husband Eric, which she captioned: "Hey babe, come to the bath tub. I’m nekkid and wanna show u somethin (sic)."

She continued: "(If he thought he was walking into a seductive bathtub show he was right). People frequently ask how we keep the spark and spice alive. This is it right here folks."

The Flip My Hair star - who shares three children with Eric - added that her other half found her display hilarious rather than seductive, as she wrote: "His words were, 'you're ridiculous' and he took a picture laughing."

One follower was quick to comment that the image was "TMI (too much information)", to which Jessie replied: "I can't imagine what's on your computer history. Hopefully nothing as risque and repulsive as my bubble bath gown."

Fellow country singer Maren Morris gave the snap her stamp of approval in the comments by calling the bubble gown "bubblz couture".