The 'West Ten' rapper - who dropped out of a criminology degree to pursue his music career - made sure to buy his mum a house before anything else when he earned his first major paycheque as a rapper and still hasn't bought his own pad yet.

AJ believes that some of his fellow rappers are doing it all wrong and should make sure their loved ones have everything they need before splashing the cash on luxury items for themselves.

Speaking to Becca Dudley on JD's 'In The Duffle Bag' podcast, he said: “Some people are like, ‘I’ve got my jewellery, I’ve got my Bentley. Now let’s see if mum can get a little Tesco every week or something’.”

The 26-year-old Londoner has set his sights on moving to the country to be surrounded by nature and is even considering buying a horse.

He said: "I'm probably going to go even further out, I just wanna be out in the country with the cows."

The 'Rain' star previously admitted buying his mum a house felt "better than sex".

AJ wanted to show his mum - who raised him alone - his gratitude with the generous gift and admitted handing over the keys made him feel happier than anything else he's ever done.

He said: "I bought her a house the other day. [How did it feel?] Like nothing you an ever describe. Better than sex."
Meanwhile, the ‘Ladbroke Grove’ hitmaker has revealed his “wild” bucket list of fellow rappers he’d love to work with.

He shared: "My bucket list is so wild I don't think I'll ever tick it off in my life.

Pressed for who is on the list, he replied: "Nas. He's my favourite rapper ever. Andre 3000, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, these kinds of people.

"But obviously they are like, great, great legends so it's quite hard - It's not impossible."