Courtney Love wrote Hole hit Doll Parts in a friend's bathroom in a bid to let her casual boyfriend, Kurt Cobain, know how she felt about him.

Miley Cyrus shone a spotlight on the song when she covered it during a recent appearance on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, and now Love has thanked the Wrecking Ball star for introducing a new generation to the 1994 song and revealing how she wrote it.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the singer wrote: "@mileycyrus was very sweet, and I’m touched."

She went on: "(I wrote Doll Parts) in 20 minutes in a girl named Joyce’s bathroom in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I had to write most of the lyrics on my arm in sharpie as I ran out of paper. People were pounding on the door as I wrote it."

Explaining: "It was played for the first time about an hour later, at the Virgin megastore in Boston," Love detailed that the song "was about a boy, whose band had just left town, who I’d been sleeping with".

Love then delved into the song's lyrics, recalling: "I heard (Cobain, the man in the song) was sleeping with 2 other girls, it was my way of saying, 'You’re a f**king idiot if you don’t choose ME, and here is all the desire and fury and love that I feel for you."

She noted: "good songs don’t always come in 20 minutes but the force was strong and that one did," adding: "Anyway I married that guy."