The AC/DC frontman celebrated his birthday in October and when discussing the passing of his peers, including the late Eddie Van Halen, the 'Highway to Hell' hitmaker admitted he has a "happy outlook" on life and still has many things he wants to achieve before he dies.

Speaking to Terry Evans on Stingray Radio, he said: "Three or four weeks ago [in early October], I turned 73, and I [thought], 'That can't be. What do you mean 73? I haven't done enough yet. I haven't started yet.' [Laughs] 'I've got things to do.' And it's just crazy. And I'm happy I have that outlook on life.

"When you get to this age, you start noticin' people poppin' — just here and there.

"But my dad used to say something — he used to say, 'Son, you just play the cards you're dealt.' And that's it."

Brian faced a major setback in recent years after he was ordered to stop performing live four years ago or end up going completely deaf.

But after undergoing an undisclosed “brand new” course of treatment, he’s back with the band, who released their new album ‘Power Up’ last month, and he’s hopeful that the sense has been restored.

He said recently: "It's non-disclosure stuff because it's brand new. What I can tell you is I worked for three years with this lovely old fellas and thankfully it worked, I think.

"It took a while. But it was just magical. It could have been smoke and mirrors, but it wasn't, it was the real deal.
"So we'll go forward with him. I'm still working with him. And I've got my fingers crossed.”

The ‘Shoot To Thrill’ singer recalled how he felt he was “letting the band down” when his hearing first started to deteriorate and he worried about becoming a “dead weight” to the group.

He said: “At the time it was horrible. I really felt I was letting the band down on stage. Because I couldn't hear the tone of the guitars, I couldn't get my pitch or key. You felt helpless.

“And of course, the band's being let down, the fans are being let down ... It's just not fair. I never wanted to be dead weight."