Ozzy Osbourne is considering following Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan's leads and selling his entire back catalogue for millions.

Singer and songwriter Dylan has sold the rights to his catalogue to Universal Music Group executives in one of the company's biggest acquisitions ever - over 600 songs spanning six decades, including classics like Blowin’ In The Wind, The Times They Are a-Changin', Like A Rolling Stone, and Knockin' On Heaven's Door.

Nicks has also sold a majority stake in her song catalogue to music publisher Primary Wave. The company's bosses acquired an 80 per cent stake in the Fleetwood Mac star's copyrights, which was valued at close to $100 million (£74.2 million).

Now, Ozzy's manager and wife Sharon Osbourne has revealed he could be the next music veteran to cash in.

"I think that when you get to a certain age in life, what do you wanna do?" Sharon told The Talk.

"Take the money and do what you wanna do for the rest of your life and just live extremely well and that's the benefit of your catalogue," she explained.

Sharon admitted Ozzy is nervous about losing control of his music: "You do lose all control of your music and they can put your music on any album, they can put your music on any ad, they can play your music at the Trump campaigns and do whatever - and you can't complain," she contemplated.

But she said the option was tempting: "But when you get to a certain age, it's constant work, it's constant monitoring. Some people are like, 'What do I need this for...?' I totally understand why people do it."