Selena Gomez has credited talking about her mental health for giving her a "sense of freedom".

The Rare singer is determined to help normalise conversations about mental health issues and has found discussing her own experiences has been beneficial.

The pop star - who was previously diagnosed with anxiety and depression - shared during the virtual Teen Vogue Summit: "I think it's less scary when you talk about it. So, that’s some sense of freedom that I gained once I did. I think I had a moment where I felt different, like, 'Why do I react this way?' 'Why do I feel the way I do and nobody else does?' and I had to figure that out.

"I think my journey personally has been all about my timing - when I felt like it was working and that’s when I suddenly became so obsessed with making sure that everybody I knew understood that sharing your emotions were great."

Selena started working with therapists in her early 20s, and she thinks it's transformed her life, with her adding, "I’m a huge advocate for therapy... I think it’s such a normal thing, especially nowadays there’s no way that people aren’t feeling a certain way, whether they’re figuring that out on their own or not, we all need each other."

Meanwhile, Selena also thinks it's important she surrounds herself with people who are willing to challenge her.

"Why do you want to do the things that you’re doing? Are you going to be able to show up for those things? Are you patient with yourself?' There are so many questions that you have to ask yourself," the Wolves hitmaker explained.

"But at the same time, it’s equally as important to surround yourself with people who are the ones that are challenging you, the ones that are believing in you. There’s a lot of people, even to this day that say 'no' to me."