Rita Ora decided to freeze her eggs when she was 24 because she didn't want to feel under "pressure" to start a family.

The Anywhere hitmaker is certain she wants to be a mother sometime in the future, so took steps to preserve her dream six years ago. She decided to undergo the procedure so she didn't have to worry about being too old to have children.

Rita, who is currently romancing 39-year-old French filmmaker Romain Gavras, says, "I don't want to feel the pressure of, 'Oh gosh, we're running out of time'. It's not fair that we have to feel that... And men sort of go around town, like, not thinking about it."

The 30-year-old singer admits she's still not quite sure if she has found true love with Romain, adding, "I don't really know how it feels. How does anyone know anything?

"Let me correct that. I don't want it to be like, 'Rita doesn't know if she's ever been in love'. I've had amazing moments with amazing people. But in anything you just want to be happy. I guess if love is happiness, then, yeah (I'm in love)."

The Girls singer has previously enjoyed romance with the likes of Calvin Harris and Rob Kardashian, but tells the The Sunday Times' Style magazine she isn't a "genius in love", and simply dates fellow celebrities because they're "easier to meet".