The 30-year-old singer admires the “optimism” of other musicians who have booked gigs for 2021 but she doesn’t think it is “responsible” to attempt to stage concerts until coronavirus is fully under control.

She told MOJO magazine: "I don't know how people are booking shows that are so clearly, to me, going to be cancelled.

"I admire the optimism but I'm not that way wired. I don't think until there's a vaccine there's a responsible way of putting on a show."

And the idea of socially-distanced gigs doesn’t appeal to the star either.

She admitted: “You don't want to hear 20 people clapping."

Laura promoted her latest album, 'Song For Our Daughter', with two ticketed livestream shows from London's Union Chapel in June and she is wondering how the platform can evolve.

She said: "It was a nail-biting experience before. Is the stream going to work? Is it going to look good enough? Am I going to faint?

"It felt like we'd pulled something off. I didn't humiliate myself... You can only do that once.

"It wasn't a huge financial success, to say the least, but I think there is a way to do different things and to take them much further.

“You're not watching something that's lacking an audience, you're watching something that was made for a home experience."