Robbie Williams is hoping to bounce back from the COVID crisis with a new band.

The former Take That star has revealed he's forming a new group with a couple of friends.

Opening up about his music plans on Instagram Live on Thursday, the Angels singer said: "It's a little project that I've got going on with a couple of friends of mine, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. We're forming a band everyone. I've got songs coming out that will not be under the name of Robbie Williams."

Williams is also planning to become a real-life Rock DJ and perform at new music venues and art galleries he plans to open around the world.

"What I'm gonna do is rent a space, put my art in there. During the day it'll be a gallery," he explained.

"Then at night I shall be DJing and it will be a musical venue, something the old folks will call a rave. I'll be on the espressos. Oh yes I will. Quadruple espresso. Doing it old school," he went on.

Adding: "I'm very, very excited about this," Williams disclosed: "I want to do it in Berlin. I also want to do it in Tokyo. I wanna do it in several places... It's one of them things; it's a passion project. If something happens then great, if not, I've just had fun."