On Wednesday evening, trailblazer Miley Cyrus starred in the first episode of Holiday Plays: Amazon Music’s first Christmas special, with her first performance since the release of her new album Plastic Hearts. Lil Nas X kicked off the episode, performing his new single, “HOLIDAY,” for the first time.

During the show, Miley answered questions from fans: When asked where the wrecking ball from the “Wrecking Ball” music video was, she said: I think it’s in my mom’s living room

When asked what Christmas is like in the Cyrus house, she said: My favourite thing that my dad does is tell you it’s a song he wrote yesterday like “hey sissy, do you mind if I played you a song I wrote yesterday?” - he’s been playing it for 10 years, I know he didn’t write it yesterday. So that’s his favourite thing to do. The one who usually ends up singing first is little Noah, she’s obsessed with “WAP”, and then my mum just prays in the back seat.

When asked what makes it feel like Christmas for her, she said: Honestly, no matter how busy the year gets I always make it home for Christmas with my family. I’m such a lucky kid that my family has stayed intact and together. My parents have been through a lot of ups and downs and they’ve really shown me what loyalty and commitment looks like to each other. So no matter what’s going on in our lives, for us to be able to push pause and be together, it’s totally cheeseball.

When asked about the meaning behind “Plastic Heart”, she said: When I wrote this song I had just left the Christmas holiday party that we do with Happy Hippie [Miley’s charity] every single Christmas for the homeless youth in L.A. Right down the street from where we are right now, there is more homelessness than anywhere else in the country - this is kind of the nucleus of homelessness. So really knowing that I live in this extravagant world and so many homeless kids are on the street it just never really felt right and so this song was dedicated to that community that is so important to me.

Amazon Music Holiday Plays gives fans truly unique and memorable music experiences, by capturing the intimacy, joy and ensemble spirit of a school Christmas concert. Filmed within a historic US theatre, the immersive, at-home viewing experience will feature custom stage designs curated by each artist.

Lil Nas X will host the entire series as a different Holiday alter-ego each night, which will include a Q&A with each artist inside a custom-made rave grotto backstage at the theatre. The Holiday Plays series continues December 9th with a performance from Amazon Music Breakthrough Kiana Ledé, and closes with an epic finale from Foo Fighters December 16th.