Liam Gallagher has rebuffed his estranged brother Noel's claim he pretended to be a hardman in front of John Lydon.

In his latest swipe at his former Oasis bandmate, the 53-year-old star - who is involved in a long-running feud with his sibling - accused Liam, 48, of pretending to be tough when he's got security by his side.

Noel said last week: "He's a tough guy when he's got his security guard with him."

The 'Wonderwall' hitmaker then recalled the time the 'All You're Dreaming Of' singer was allegedly belittled by Sex Pistols star Lydon during a night out in Los Angeles.

He also claimed the 'God Save the Queen' rocker refused to chat to Liam and referred to him as "your singer".

Noel said: "I've had a few nights out with John Lydon, he's also one of my heroes, but I've also seen him be a f****** ****, he just doesn't take s*** off anyone.

"I was out with him one night in LA and he wouldn't talk directly to Liam, he would say to me, 'Ask your singer what kind of make-up he's wearing.' Liam was literally six inches from him.'"

And responding to his sibling's comments, Liam claimed it was the other way round, and Lydon, 64, was the one with the security guard.

He’s since tweeted: "Met John lydon once he was proper punk funnily enough he was with his security guard and I wasn’t as you were why me why not c’mon you know up your bum any 1 for a scotch egg LG x (sic)”

And when a fan posted a picture of Noel and Liam on stage, asking: "do you remember what was happening here? (sic)”, he poked fun at Lydon allegedly asking what make-up he wears.

He quipped: "He was saying my make up is running and I was saying really well is there any chance I can have 5 mins while I go for a touch up biatch (sic)"