Justin Bieber had to wait a month to complete his neck tattoo collection with a rose design after his wife Hailey Bieber told him she wasn't thrilled about all his skin art.

Hailey has now told her man she doesn't want him to get any more tattoos on his neck, and the pop star is happy to follow her rules, telling chat show host Ellen DeGeneres he had to wait a month before he got the rose ink, which he unveiled on Instagram in September.

"Hailey doesn't want me to get any more neck tattoos...," he said. "She knew that I wanted to get it (rose tattoo) and she was like, 'Wait a month and if you still wanna get it, then get it'. I waited a month."

Justin made it clear his wife isn't averse to skin art and has ink herself.

"She has a few tattoos," he added. "Her whole hand is tatted, like these cute little dainty flower things."

Justin's first tattoo was a "little bird" on his stomach, which he had designed when he was 16. His arms and torso are now covered in body art, and he revealed to Ellen that he was saving the space on his back for when he and Hailey have a family.