Miley Cyrus was on the KISS Breakfast Show this week speaking about her incredible new album ‘Plastic Hearts’. Speaking to Breakfast Show contributor Harriet Rose, Miley shared some insights into what a typical family Christmas is like and how she’s planning to celebrate this year.

Giving insight into Christmas in the Cyrus household “Fist fights, and usually with each one of us removing ourselves and slamming the door in some way and a lot of apology texts…I mean we’re all kind of conspiracy theorists and I remember one year we got onto the topic of like aliens and it ended with my brothers not talking for a week and my mom crying.”

Speaking of believing in aliens “Yeah, I’m not a total narcissist like I definitely believe in aliens… aliens are really cool and a lot of things this year haven’t been that cool so I think maybe they’re waiting for 2021. They’re looking from above and they’re like ‘Ah I don’t want anything to do with that.’”

On her Christmas plans for this year “I want an all-black tree this year, I wanna do like goth Christmas. I think instead of a garland do like rosaries like upside down studded crosses and like yeah very goth medieval kinda vibes.”

“We’re a big fan of mashed potato volcano in this house, which is where you basically make the butter explode out the top and come down like lava and it’s just the best thing ever. Big, big fans of butter in this house.”.

On her love for Britney Spears “I actually just posted a video on my Instagram the other day, I think I am probably 8 years old and I am recreating all the Slave for You choreography while my Dad just sits in the corner and cries. I remember my Dad was just like for sure that I was going to be like a stripper from that and I pretty much have become a stripper which is like great, I just get to do it on a large scale platform just like Britney Spears.”

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