Liam Gallagher joined Dave Berry on his breakfast show this morning to discuss his new single ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ and his exclusive live performance Liam Gallagher - Down by the River.

He spoke about his exclusive live performance on the River Thames “Obviously we can’t gig anymore because of this COVID thing and we had to cancel all the gigs so instead of doing it on the Zoom, which I find offensive, you know what I mean you ain’t putting me on a zoom and trying to get some tunes out, I don’t think so. So we decided to go big, rent a barge out like Del boy and that and Rodney and that and just get down on the River Thames and go for it, turn the electric guitars on and it’s mega, it sounds really good considering it’s the winter…It is incredible, that’s my middle name innit man, Liam Incredible Gallagher!”

On his new track ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ “Everyone was sort of expecting me to come back with a bit of an angry tune and that and y’know a bit like y’know ‘piss off at the Government’ and stuff and all this and all that and I don’t think that’s the right attitude, I think for me I wanted to come back the other way you know what I mean a bit of love and a bit of hope…It sounds a bit like a bit of an old Bing Cosby kinda vibe and that so we thought let’s get stuck into the Christmassy vibe so yeah I would call it a Christmas song, but a serious one and none of that cheese, there’s enough cheesy Christmas songs out there.”

When Dave asked if Oasis used to give each other gifts at Christmas “No, no, we’re not McFly, none of that. You can imagine that lot can’t ya, oh here’s a breakfast one, here’s one for lunch and here’s one after you’ve had your dinner, no way, nah there’s none of that” “We’d have a Christmas drink though for sure.”

On his fellow band member Bonehead “Bonehead’s great, with all this lockdown I was meant to be going to Manchester next week, when after this lockdown but you can’t now because it’s tier 3 so God knows when I’ll see him again but hopefully before Christmas.”

On what he wants for Christmas “I’ve got everything me Dave you know that, I mean I’ve got far too much…I don’t want anything in particular, I just want to have a good time, nice drinks, you know what I mean, nice food and a good craic, the craic, that’s what I want, the craic, not crack, the craic! The last craic about, you know what I mean, there’s a lack of good craic about.”