The 'Therefore I Am' singer has been prolific amid the coronavirus pandemic and revealed she and her brother and collaborator, Finneas, have recorded song after song.

When asked how many tracks she's currently working on during her annual reflective video interview with Variety, Billie said: “Right now I have 16. We’ve been working. And I love them all.”

The 18-year-old pop megastar admitted she enjoys the songwriting process "much more" now and she and Finneas - who co-writes and co-produces much of his sibling’s material - have "seriously gotten in the groove" lately.

She said: “I think Finneas and I have just seriously really gotten in the groove. We do it so fast.

“There was a period of time, a month ago or something, we were just texting the label like, ‘Song done, another song done, another song done.’ So, I’m so much better at it. I love it so much more. I actually really do enjoy it now and I do feel like I’m pretty good at it now.”

The Variety interview comes after Billie revealed the pair recorded an entire album in lockdown.

Speaking of the follow-up to 2019’s record-breaking ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, Billie said recently: "It’s my favourite piece of art ever. It’s been very pleasant and satisfying and I’m so excited for people to hear this album.”

The 'bad guy' hitmaker has their mother Maggie to thank for kick-starting their creative spell.

She added: “A month into quarantine we were completely uninspired.

“My mum was like, ‘What if you guys made a schedule? Just like three days a week, making sure you have time put aside so you can work’.

“And we did it, and on the first day we wrote 'my future'. The first day. We made more than we’ve ever made in one period.”