The 52-year-old singer felt an instant connection to the track which became her first single from new album ‘Disco’ because she related to its theme about the “eternal quest for love”.

She said: "I cried when I heard it earlier this year.

"I remember listening to it and just being very teary and calling my producer going, 'This song is just...'

"It's saying more than we're saying. Like, there's a lot of room for interpretation in that song.

"It's about love and everyone having the capacity for love.

“It's not as easy to describe as, 'OK, everyone's on the dance floor, there's a full moon and we're all dancing.' “

And Kylie thinks its universal theme will have struck a chord for a lot of people.

She said: “For me it's about the eternal quest for love and not necessarily a relationship love. Just love for love's sake.

"We are all different, but that is pretty much a common desire or need and a longing. And it is endless.

"I was so glad the landscape for the video was galactic because that's how I feel about love - where does it begin? Where does it end?

"Your family love, your romantic love, your love for life..."

In the accompanying video for the single, Kylie rides a cosmic horse but she revealed the creature was switched out at the last minute, a “happy mistake” she thinks turned out very well in the end.

She explained to heat magazine: "That was kind of - not a happy mistake - but it was meant to be a different horse.
“And then two days before we filmed the video, my director calls and says, 'There's a problem with the horse. It needs six people to move it and we don't have six people.'

"So, the day before the video, the horse was changed.

"But it was always meant to be that horse because he is resplendent in that video. I love him."