Paul McCartney is to be interviewed by Idris Elba for an hour-long BBC special covering his incredible life and career.

Idris Elba meets Paul McCartney will air on U.K. TV on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in December. The show will also air as a radio broadcast on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds.

According to a press release, the show will span Paul's first songwriting forays as a teenager, through to his rise to fame with The Beatles, and his solo work right up to his new album, McCartney III, which is out on 18 December.

The actor and musician revealed that, when asked to interview the music legend, he jumped at the chance, saying: "When I was asked if I wanted to speak to Paul McCartney, after I realised it wasn't a joke, I immediately said, 'Yes'... who wouldn't?!

"I am a massive fan of Paul's! His work has inspired and driven me as a musician, and once I get through the shock of sharing the stage with him, I'm excited to talk about his music and craft. What an honour! Looking forward to sitting with you, Paul."

An equally enthusiastic Paul added: "I'm looking forward to sitting down to a chat with the mighty Idris!"

In addition to the interview special, the BBC will also air the Hey Jude hitmaker's July, 2018 homecoming gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England - the venue where The Beatles made their name in the 1960s - over the Christmas period.