Justin Timberlake gave back on Thanksgiving by purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van for a teenager with cerebral palsy.

Jake Stitt, a 17-year-old from the singer's home state of Tennessee, has been trying to raise the $35,000 (£25,750) he needed to buy the van. After hearing his story, the Rock Your Body hitmaker decided to dig deep and give the teen a present he would remember forever, and he also told the family to keep the money they'd already raised for the vehicle.

"It's my pleasure," Justin told Jake and his dad during a Zoom call. "Like I said, I heard there was a goal to try to get this van before Thanksgiving. I heard your story and saw a little news clip about it.

"I was so moved that I want you guys to have this van. I'm going to cover all the costs. I want you guys to have a great holiday. You inspire me, Jake."

Jake has become something of a celebrity in his local town due to the "Honk if you're happy" sign he sits alongside outside his home. Justin added: "The honk if you're happy thing. You got to keep that going. You guys gotta use this van to honk all over town now."