The 'Angels' hitmaker has admitted he believes his chart-topping days are long behind him and he doesn’t stand a chance of claiming 2020’s Christmas number one with his pandemic-themed Yuletide track, 'Can't Stop Christmas.

Speaking to Jenni Falconer for Smooth's Virtual Coffee Break interview this week, he admitted: "I’m not in it, so I think those days for me being in the singles, high in the singles charts, have moved on. I’m an albums kind of person now, which is wonderful. But I don’t even look at the charts now."

The former Take That had a Christmas chart-topper back in 2001 with 'Somethin' Stupid' featuring Nicole Kidman.
The 46-year-old singer also teased an extensive list of projects he has in the pipeline, including starting a band and releasing two albums, and hosting art galleries in Berlin and Tokyo - but he admitted he might not end up pulling them all off.

On what he has coming up, he said: "TV shows, films, two albums, I’m starting a band, I’ve got art, I’ve going to have a gallery and I’m going to DJ at the gallery in the evening and I want to do that in Berlin, I want to do that in Tokyo. There’s just, there’s so much.

"All of this might not happen. See I have this like splatter gun sort of idea. And then maybe one out of ten gets done. But these are all the ideas that are formulating in my head and I want Covid to end so we’re all healthy, but on a personal selfish level I want Covid to end so I can just crack on with these projects."

And asked whether he'll be touring next year, he replied: "Covid willing. Who knows what’s going to happen? I’m just sat here crossing my fingers, thinking about what ifs and maybes. And let’s just hope it’s possible.”