The hotly-anticipated duet dropped overnight and the accompanying promo saw the singers take a wild ride on a spider-infested tour bus, before hitting a club.

‘Midnight Sky’ hitmaker Miley - who currently has a glam-rock mullet hairstyle like the all-female teenage American rock band famously rocked - is also seen pouring a red liquid down herself to make it look like trickling blood.

And the pair also messily chowed down on glacé cherries as they embraced one another while scantily clad.

On the synth-heavy track, Miley and Dua sing about desperately trying to get over an ex-lover.

One line goes: "You keep making it harder to stay / But I still can’t run away / I gotta know why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?”

Towards the end of the video, there is a dedication, which reads: “IN LOVING MEMORY OF ALL MY EXES”, with the words “EAT S*** inside a barbed-wired heart.

Then a clip of Drag legend Divine is shown of her saying the line from John Waters’ 1974 film 'Female Trouble': “I’m a free woman now and my life is just ready to begin.”

Ahead of the release, Miley posted a picture of herself with her bloody make-up on, and wrote on Instagram: "COMING 4 BLOOD #PRISONER Feat. my main squeeze @DUALIPA (sic)"

The pair also shared a teaser clip from the music video, which saw both with cigarettes in their mouths while dancing in a bedroom.


In October, Miley teased fans that they could expect her duet with Dua "pretty soon", admitting she was "proud" of the tune.

She said: "It’s perfectly a blend of the both of us, I’m super proud of it.

"I'm really excited for our fans to hear it because they've been begging for it, seriously, it's all I ever hear from both of our fans that they want to hear the record that we did together."

Asked if they've recorded a video for the song, she added: "We were both in New York and we ended up putting something together that I don't want to give away too much about ... but the fans can expect something pretty soon."

'Prisoner' will feature on Miley's forthcoming rock album, 'Plastic Hearts', which is out on November 27 and includes a collaboration with punk rock icon Billy Idol.