Kylie Minogue battled "insecurities" about her vocal abilities as voices in her head told her, "You can't sing!"

The hitmaker topped the charts worldwide with her 15th studio album Disco earlier this month but, speaking to Vogue magazine she admitted criticism from herself and others led to her doubting her vocal skills.

"I’ve had more than my fair share of criticism of my voice over the years," said the All The Lovers star.

"And I’ve had the voices in my head knocking on my door, saying, 'You can’t sing. She can’t sing!'" she disclosed.

"A lot of it is to do with insecurity, so when naysayers are playing with your insecurities, that’s a difficult battle," continued Kylie.

She mused: "I’ve had to really tell myself, 'Wait, how are you being successful if they’re telling you that you can’t sing and your voice is not a valid voice?' I would really struggle with that."

The singer was cruelly branded a "singing budgie" by critics when she launched her music career off the back of her role on Australian soap opera Neighbours in 1987. However, Kylie has gone on to become one of the world's biggest pop stars, with classic hits including Better The Devil You Know, Spinning Around, and Can’t Get You Out of My Head.