Jessie J broke down in tears while discussing her encounters with fans who are experiencing "the toughest times in their lives".

The Nobody's Perfect star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday and posted close-up screenshots of her crying face after the video was shared.

"Been a day... of this. Tears and a lot of reflection," penned the hitmaker, while linking to the @heartbeat_reign Instagram page, which hosted the video of Jessie breaking down.

"So happy that so many of you I've met - and I've just met you in the toughest times in your lives," she said in the clip.

She went on: "I've seen you go through so much. I can't begin to explain to you guys how much it means that little moments in my life have helped you guys discover moments in yours."

Adding: "I want you guys to know that everything I do comes from myself, I'm always thinking about how I can support you, that's what I do," Jessie explained: "I enjoy creating songs that I know help people stand in their feelings when they want to avoid them, or run away from their feelings when they need to."

"Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't," she concluded, reflecting: "I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you, wherever you are in the world."