Sharon Osbourne is self-quarantining again after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

The rock matriarch and TV personality co-hosted her daytime show The Talk from home on Wednesday after one of the women she "works with at home" contracted coronavirus.

"We're all on lockdown," Sharon said at the top of the show. "She's (my assistant) doing OK, but can you believe it? This is my second lockdown."

Sharon was forced to host the first few episodes of the new season of The Talk from home after revealing that she and husband Ozzy Osbourne's granddaughters, Andy Rose and Minnie, had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

The star also gave an update on an eye inury her daughter Kelly recently sustained, explaining, "She was doing a show... she was getting ready, doing her mascara and she scratched her eye with the mascara wand.

"She had to go to the eye doctor. It's quite amazing what they do; they put, like, this bandage on her eye, that's like a contact lens... She's fine. She just looks like Madonna for the week."

Kelly has taken to sporting an eye patch for protection.