Geri Horner flies the flag for Girl Power at 3,560 feet as she conquers the formidable Mount Snowdon on a new adventure for her YouTube series Rainbow Woman – premiering at 12.00PM GMT today. Watch here.

Following her eye-popping transformation to portray Queen Elizabeth I in the series premiere of Rainbow Woman last week (watch ‘The Queen Speaks’ here), Geri heads to Wales to embark on her most physically gruelling adventure yet – climbing Snowdon, the picturesque highest point in the British isles outside the Scottish highlands.

In a year where we are staycationing and spending more time at home, this episode is a reminder of the marvellous beauty on our doorstep. “This world we live in is a wonderful and beautiful place,” Geri said at the summit. “This is our back garden, it belongs to every one of us.”

“We’re not here forever,” she said. “Whatever is going on in our lives, you go, ‘Look at that’ and you say, ‘There’s something bigger than all of us’.” This episode features ‘Man on The Mountain’, an original Geri song which will be released with behind-the-scenes visuals on her YouTube channel tomorrow.

Written, directed and executive produced by Geri, Rainbow Woman is a collection of vibrant vignettes following her on big and little adventures, each hued with humour and their own message of hope and positivity. A new episode will be unveiled every Sunday on Geri’s YouTube channel with bonus content for fans to follow. Subscribe to Geri’s channel here.

Rainbow Woman also features some new, original music by Geri, who has written several unforgettable hits that have soundtracked our lives with the Spice Girls and as a solo artist.

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