The 24-year-old singer - who had a worldwide smash hit with 'Don't Call Me Up' - insisted that fans have not yet seen the best of her and she can't wait to release more music.

She told JD's 'In The Duffle Bag' podcast: "There's some cool stuff coming, I'm excited. My best work is yet is to come."

Mabel also revealed she quit social media earlier this year after being subjected to abuse online.

She said: "I spent several months not on any social media, but just sending things to my management to post. What we are seeing on social media, it's not real life, and we are comparing ourselves to others.

"How am I not supposed to take things personally? People are like, 'Don't take it personal'. I'm like, 'She said I'm fat', or 'He said I can't sing'.

"I feel like I have a responsibility with my platform to tell people it's not all sexy, cute and fun all the time.

"I struggle with mental health sometimes, I have those moments. Sometimes you just have to dip out."