Brian Johnson of ACDC was interviewed by Matt Everitt on BBC Radio 6 Music. Check out the conversation below.

Matt Everitt: How did it feel to be in that room again with everyone together playing?

Brian Johnson: First of all a little apprehension obviously Matt - we hadn’t done this for a while. Angus just said to me “do you want to do a rehearsal? Try the ears out?” I said “I’d love to” because I didn’t want to ever be in the position was in the last time where I couldn’t hear the band it was just horrible. I was desperate to try these things and Angus said to me “well we’ll start quietly and we’ll build” and I went “no, we’ve got to do it full battlefield conditions. It’s got to be right out there because if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work”. He said “ok what do you want to do and I said “Back in Black”.

Brian Johnson: I remember starting and I started and I heard everything. Mate I tell you, I was just - I grew to about 6 ft 2 I was just absolutely jumping around like a young spring chicken I was just flipping thrilled and the boys could see because I wouldn’t stop moving for two days, just singing every song that we had on the song list. It was obvious that these things worked, that we still worked as a band […] even the sound guys on the desk they were all smiling and thumping their hands and stamping their feet and so we knew then it was working.

Matt Everitt: When the announcement of the line-up happened with all of you guys in it it’s like the world needed some good news. The reaction was so positive, people were so happy, what is it about ACDC that people still get so passionate about?

Brian Johnson: First of all thank you very much we really do hope it brings happiness. I think it’s just the complete honesty of the music. It’s music that doesn’t have sides, it doesn’t have a hidden agenda. It’s not asking you to do anything or join anything or be anything, it’s just asking you to be with us.

Matt Everitt: You must have been asked this so many times but - you will go out on tour again? As soon as you can and it’s safe you’re going to go out aren’t you - obviously?

Brian Johnson: Yes we’re going to do some shows. I hate to use the word tour now because it sounds like two years and I think we’ve all got a little tired of that. But doing gigs - if we can just start doing gigs and cherry picking them - that’s fun. As they come along - booking them just two or three months ahead and not committing yourself.

Matt Everitt: Could this be the last time?

Brian Johnson: I don’t know. That’s the frightening thing. If you’d asked me that ten years ago I would have said well of course. I’m an old fart. How the hell can I go any further forward with this. And that’s the amazing thing about this band, this rock and roll band this ACDC […] we try hard - we’re always up for it and we’re always - nobody’s playing abilities have been impaired during the years, in fact they’ve got better. Just buddies.