The 71-year-old rocker and the iconic guitarist were both key members of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but despite spending many years in a band with Tommy, Ozzy has said it’s in their later life that they’ve truly formed a close bond.

He said: “The Black Sabbath guys are never that far away from my thoughts, whether I like them today or not.

“Since I’ve been laid up these last 18 months, Tony Iommi has been such a support for me. So supportive. I’ve been closer to him in the last 18 months than I ever have been.”

Ozzy and Tommy were at loggerheads for four years, but after the 72-year-old musician reached out to Ozzy during his recent health battle - which saw him tackle various health issues, including being diagnosed with Parkinson’s - Ozzy realised how much Tommy still “cares”.

He added to WSFL 106.5: “We never got on for years. But whatever he did before and whatever I did before … it’s so important that when you’re laid up, somebody cares enough to give you a thought. That’s all you need - a phone call or a text. It means the world.”

Tommy previously spoke about being in touch with Ozzy back in April, when he said he had been talking to his former band mate on a daily basis amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “Neighbours have dropped a note through the door asking if I want any shopping. They’re looking out for the poor old sod!

“I’m even in touch with Ozzy every day as he gets over his own health problems in LA.”