Lil Jon was not amused after a Republican Congressman quoted lyrics to his smash hit Get Low to celebrate his election victory in Arizona.

Paul Gosar took to Twitter on Sunday to gloat about beating his Democratic challenger Delina DiSanto at the polls last week, sharing a screenshot of his 69.69 per cent lead as he riffed on a line from Lil Jon's 2003 single with The East Side Boyz.

"69.69 d**n that's fine. What say you @LilJon," Gosar tweeted.

Clearly offended to be associated with the politician, Lil Jon reposted the message and responded: "DONT QUOTE MY SONGS BRUH (sic)".

He then took a shot at one-term President Donald Trump, the 45th leader of the United States, who has been ousted from the White House by Democrat Joe Biden: "ON ANOTHER NOTE R You GONN HELP 45 PACK HIS S**T UP (sic)," the star asked.

Gosar has yet to comment on the fiery reply.

Lil Jon has been vocal about his opposition to Trump, with whom he appeared on U.S. reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011.

Asked by one follower if he would endorse the Republican leader last month, Lil Jon tweeted, "HOW ABOUT F**K NOOOOOO (sic)".