In today’s episode of 'The Dotty Show' on Apple Music 1, Dotty is joined by John Legend. In the show he takes on the Selections segment where he chooses songs to soundtrack a series of scenarios.

On what he’s learnt about himself in the unpredictable year of 2020
I’ve learnt even more to value my family. We’ve spent a lot of time together and I’ve really enjoyed all this time. I’m usually on the road so much, I’m usually on a plane a lot, going all around the world doing all kinds of things, and it’s given me a chance to slow down and really appreciate my family and spend time with them, watch my children grow up, in a way that I never would’ve had time to do. I feel like that’s the silver lining in the dark cloud of 2020.

On how he feels hearing his biggest hits
I’m grateful, I really am grateful because, you know, we make a lot of songs and not all of them capture the public’s imagination and means so much to so many people as a song like 'Ordinary People'. I’m grateful for 'All Of Me', I’m grateful for those songs that, beyond just being songs that I am happy with and are great on an album, but they have cultural resonance. I feel like we’re always fortunate whenever that happens and so I’m grateful.

On whether he thinks 'Ordinary People’ is his best song
No. I have other songs that I think are better. Like I have a song called ‘Again', which I thought is slightly better than 'Ordinary People’. I have a few others, but you know … I would say so. Yeah [the song being in his Top 3].

On wife Chrissy Teigen’s happy song
She has one particular song that is her happy song, that’s like her good luck song. She said when she was younger, whenever this song would play in the car when she was on her way to like an audition or anything, it was like she knew it was going to be a good day, and things were gonna be alright. It’s Mariah Carey ‘Always Be My Baby’.

On what he would pick if America had a new national anthem
‘Glory' by me and Common. It’s anthemic, it’s motivational. It’s a song about fighting for justice and doing what’s right and it incorporates Hip Hop which I feel should be part of the forward looking national anthem for America.