Dave Grohl joined Dave Berry on his Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio this morning (Tuesday 10th November) to share details of the Foo Fighters’ new album ‘Medicine at Midnight’.

The band appeared on Saturday Night Live in the US over the weekend to perform the first single ‘Shame Shame’ on the show. Now speaking on Absolute Radio, Dave reveals how long the band have kept the album under wraps after Covid-19 scuppered their plans.

Speaking to Dave Berry about the releasing the new album now, Dave Grohl said “I sort of figured it was time to let this thing out of its cage and bring a little music to the people. We waited long enough; we finished this record a year ago… I mean we started writing this music almost two years ago, while we were still on the road, knowing that this year was gonna be our 25th anniversary, and it was gonna be our tenth record. We were gonna make 2020 like, the year of the Foo Fighters. It was just gonna be touring, and videos, and documentaries and all these sort of celebratory anniversary things. Then in March everything just stopped.”

On how he handled life in lockdown – “At first, I was really nervous because I am creatively restless. I wake up everyday with something new that I wanna do, a new song, a new idea and everyone just went their separate ways. I was just sitting there, like, Oh my God, I'm gonna lose my mind. I'm not good at sitting on the couch, like I can't… so I started this Instagram page where I was writing short stories about things that have happened over my life. I really got into writing, and I just started writing tons, tons and tons of short stories. I didn't really wanna make any music because I'd just finished making a record that we worked on for months and months which I thought was the best thing we'd ever done.”

Hinting at an interesting upcoming side project, Dave shared how he’d been working with different musicians remotely - “In the last six or seven months I starting getting emails from all these different musicians that are doing the same thing. They’re sitting at home and they’re creatively restless, basically saying like, "Hey Dave I've been doing the same thing for years. I've been stuck in this one, sort of creative way in for a long time, it's time to get weird, do you wanna do a side project?"

“People you would never expect and were remotely recording with each other. I'm sending drum tracks, and their sending guitar tracks. I'm playing in my own studio and then sending it back. So I think that this this period of quarantine or lock down or whatever it is, I think that's going to, the result in six or seven months will be a, a wave of new music that's just weird.”

The two Dave’s also got onto the topic of the worst car they’ve ever owned, and Grohl shared he thinks Elon Musk has a lot to answer for. Speaking of the worst car he’s owned he said - “I hate to say it, a Tesla. I mean if something goes wrong with a Tesla it's like trying to repair a satellite. There's just nothing you can do. You can't change the oil, you can't, you know, even if you wanna change a spare tyre on that thing you have to call, you know, Elon Musk. It's insane. Every other car I've ever had I could sort of figure it out, this one I'm lost.”

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